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Remote Contractor

Looking for a Highly Skilled Tech resource to work for you as quickly as possible?

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Remote Employee

Looking for a full-time employee working for you remotely?

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Looking for a full-time employee working for you at your location?

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Why use Talent Remote?

High Availability

We have a team of top professionals specialized in the most sought-after technologies available to start as soon as possible

Affordable Rates

Fulfill your resource requirements with top candidates at affordable and reasonable costs.

Pre-Screened Global Talent

Our pre-screened candidates are from all over the world, ready and waiting for an assignment.

Find your perfect match!

Hiring someone who is a good fit for your company is crucial to the success of your business. With Talent Remote, you can choose from a list of vetted and skilled remote professionals available to work at your time zone.

  • Hiring

    Choose skilled talent from around the world to work for you. Avoid the hassle of setting up and maintaining an international office.

  • Fast Onboarding

    Our one-page agreement is simple and easy to understand so that your Talent can start working for you as fast as possible.

  • Managing

    Our talent works for you, under your rules, deadlines, and expectations.

  • Payment

    You pay us based on working hours. We pay their salaries, benefits, and other local labor duties.


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